Shining a Light on the Future: How Photonics is Revolutionizing Solar Power and Internet Connectivity

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 in Las Vegas is a key platform for innovators who want to demonstrate the burgeoning influence of photonics on technology. Photonics, the science of light generation, manipulation, and detection, is steering the electronics industry toward a more efficient and sustainable future. The impact of photonics will be profound and multifaceted, touching everything from energy consumption to data transmission. Two standout innovators in this field, Ambient Photonics and Slux, have demonstrated how light can be a backbone of our technological future.

The innovations from Ambient Photonics stand out at CES 2024, introducing a new kind of solar technology that is changing how we think about powering our devices. They’re thin, flexible, and can be put onto almost any surface or material, allowing exciting possibilities for powering products. Slux, a Swiss-based startup, is leading the way in Li-Fi, a new technology that uses light to send data. In busy cities, Slux’s Li-Fi can use streetlights to create a high-speed internet network. Slux’s Li-Fi isn’t just an idea — it’s a real-world solution with many uses. The impact of photonics technologies, such as those being showcased at CES 2024 by Ambient and Slux, is potentially huge. Photonics is doing more than just improving our gadgets. It’s heralding a major change in how our electronics work and will make our world brighter and more connected.