Step-by-Step Guide: Connecting and Synchronizing Your iPhone with a Windows 11 PC

Be able to access phone calls, text messages, and notifications from your iPhone directly on your Windows 11 computer? Microsoft’s built-in Phone Link app makes this possible. With Phone Link, you can send and receive text messages, make and receive phone calls, and read notifications on your computer.

Phone Link supports the iPhone only in Windows 11, so Windows 10 users are out of luck. To make use of Phone Link, your iPhone must be running iOS 14 or higher. You can update your iOS by going to Settings, selecting General, and tapping Software Update.

Make sure you have Bluetooth enabled on your iPhone. Check this by going to the Bluetooth settings. Windows 11 users can download and install Phone Link if they have the latest updates installed. Ensure that your OS is up to date by heading to Settings, selecting Windows Update, and clicking the button to check for updates. You should also update all the Microsoft Store apps installed on your PC.

To link your iPhone to your Windows 11 PC, make sure Bluetooth is enabled. Then, go to All Apps, and select Phone Link from the list. Scan the QR code in the Phone Link app using your iPhone’s camera. This will prompt you to pair your devices and download the Link to Windows app. After installing the app, scan the QR code displayed in the Phone Link app on your PC and continue the pairing process.

Your PC and iPhone should display pairing prompts. Select the Pair button on both devices and wait for the two to pair. The next step is to enable the necessary settings and permissions on your phone to fully access notifications, calls, and messages on your PC.

You’ll need to allow your PC to receive notifications from your iPhone. This can be done by going to the Bluetooth settings screen on your phone, tapping the Info icon for your computer, and turning on the switches for Show Notifications, Sync Contacts, and Share System Notifications.

The Phone Link welcome screen will ask if you want to open the app each time you log into Windows. To access your iPhone’s text messages in Phone Link, tap the Messages heading at the top. You can also make phone calls through the app and view and manage them on your PC. Additionally, you can respond to and view notifications from your iPhone on your computer.

By clicking the Gear icon, you can access key settings for the Phone Link app in the General, Devices, and Features categories.