Record iPhone Calls with This Innovative MagSafe Accessory

The Magmo Pro Voice Recorder is an innovative gadget that offers the convenience of recording phone calls on your iPhone. Unlike other methods, the Magmo Pro attaches to the back of your iPhone using MagSafe technology, making it easy to use. It is compatible with iPhone 12 or newer models and can be configured to automatically record calls or allow manual recording. The recordings can be accessed, shared, and organized through the Magmo app, which also offers AI-generated transcriptions.

The accessory is sleek and lightweight, being only 6.8mm thick and featuring strategically placed microphones to block surrounding sounds. It has a battery life of eight hours on a full charge, lasting about an hour to achieve. The Magmo Pro was recognized as a CES 2024 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Mobile Devices, Accessories & Apps category. It is available for purchase on Amazon for $129 without any additional subscription fees, making it a worthwhile investment.

Overall, the Magmo Pro Voice Recorder offers a practical and efficient solution for iPhone users who want to record their calls. If you’re interested in learning about other notable phone accessories showcased at CES 2024, you can find more information in ZDNET’s top picks for mobile accessories at CES 2024.