Agile Intelligence: How AI Enhances Collaboration Between Tech and Business Teams

AI To Drive Collaboration and Supercharged Software Design”The Agile movement is taking an intriguing turn with the introduction of AI, which promises to help keep technology and business teams in sync and free up developers and IT professionals,” says a recent article on ZDNet. The impact of AI on Agile is expected to be the most significant development since the practice was first outlined two decades ago. The new blend of AI with the Agile philosophy has the potential to supercharge software design and development processes, impacting both teams and users in collaboration. AI helps in automating administrative tasks, giving more time for collaboration between teams.

The potential of AI-boosted collaboration has intrigued many IT professionals who are already experimenting with AI innovations and use cases. Margaret Lee, senior vice president and general manager of digital service and operations management at BMC, states that “AI-powered automation improves the developer experience by simplifying and accelerating their work with improved change management.”

Keith Farley, senior vice president at Aflac, describes AI as a superpower collaborator that adds the thoughts and attitudes of a million diverse people to discussions, leading to better products and outcomes. He stresses that AI-driven collaboration can help in understanding diverse viewpoints beyond personal biases.

AI can also drive collaboration and innovation at scale, thereby eliminating tedious overhead tasks that often plague teams across companies. Miro’s Chief Operating Officer Varun Parmar predicts that technology products and services will incorporate generative AI capabilities within the next 12 months, introducing conversational ways of creating and communicating with technologies.

On the other hand, AI does bring some risks to IT operations, such as the need to ensure proper training to avoid challenges down the road, and the potential for severe consequences if AI is applied in the wrong use cases with bad data.

Despite the risks, AI has the potential to transform the collaborative landscape for Agile teams, providing clear, actionable insights, pinpointing risks, and providing recommendations to resolve problems. As AI and Agile are used in combination, the potential for businesses to achieve supercharged software design and development processes is becoming a reality, leaving many technology professionals intrigued by the possibilities.