Enhance Your Privacy on Google Bard with Just One Setting

I essentially inhabit Google. I check my Gmail countless times a day. My schedule is run through Google Calendar. I regularly use Google to look things up and store terabytes of data in Google Drive.
In addition, we have been examining Bard, an AI, and despite its issues, I believe it holds great promise with the resources of the Google Brain Trust. AI language models such as Bard and ChatGPT must be trained using vast amounts of data. I was worried that Bard, connected to the same account as my email, would have insight into the content of my emails, which often contain confidential client information and personal correspondence.
I was concerned that Bard would exploit my email traffic in some way, potentially sharing it with other users. Thankfully, this is not the case, mostly. Bard’s conversations are processed by human reviewers, providing some relief.
It’s also reassuring to know that my Google Workspace content from Gmail and Drive is not reviewed or utilized to improve Bard. Furthermore, users have the option to turn off human review and machine analysis of conversations with Bard.
By clicking on the “Activities” icon in Bard and selecting “Turn Off,” users can prevent Bard from recording their conversations. This feature can be turned back on when needed, but some functionalities will be lost in the process. However, users can avoid having their conversations stored and accessed by Google.