Deciding Between the Apple Watch Series 9 and Series 8: Is an Upgrade Worth It?

The Apple event in September emphasized the health and safety features of the iPhone and Apple Watch. The Apple Watch Series 9 offers new features such as expanded Siri processing, a brighter display, and a fun pink case and band option. It also introduces the Double Tap one-handed gesture input, making it easier for users with fine motor skill issues.

The main differences between the Series 8 and Series 9 include the display brightness, processor, and eco-friendly materials. The Series 9 features a brighter Retina display with a peak brightness of 2,000 nits, an Apple Silicon S9 processor, and a case made from 100% post-consumer aluminum.

Prospective buyers should consider the Apple Watch Series 9 if they will benefit from the one-handed Double Tap gesture input, need a brighter display, and are looking for a more eco-friendly smartwatch.

On the other hand, those interested in the Series 8 may not need the faster S9 chip, may not be interested in HomePod integration, and may not require one-handed gesture inputs.

For budget-friendly alternatives, buyers can consider the Apple Watch SE or the rugged Apple Watch Ultra 2.