Unveiling the Future: 3 Key Trends at CES 2024

After the most innovative year in tech in over a decade, AI and VR/AR are set to lead the way at CES 2024. There will be fewer CES experiments and flights-of-fancy dominating the headlines this year as companies are set to announce real products coming in the months ahead. ZDNET has already been pre-briefed on many of these products and will provide first impressions, original photos, and videos, as well as buying advice. The three themes that will make the biggest impact at CES 2024 are AI, VR/AR, and 100-inch TVs.

The first theme, AI, will see products marketed as AI-powered, with many potential benefits such as automatic language translation, improved upscaling of low-res content, and time-saving automations in everyday products.

The second theme, VR, AR, and XR, will feature new hardware and experiences, including headsets using Qualcomm’s new XR2+ Gen2 VR chip, new sensors, and software. Organizations in various industries are also relying on VR and XR to do critical parts of their work.

The third theme, 100-inch TVs, will see new innovations in display technology, including OLED, Mini-LED, and Laser TV. A new generation of 100-inch TVs is expected to enter the market, offering a transformative viewing experience.

ZDNET will provide in-depth coverage of CES 2024, highlighting the most exciting products, trends, and innovations likely to shape the future. Stay tuned to ZDNET for comprehensive coverage of CES 2024.