Stay Warm and Space-Savvy with This Wall-Mounted Smart Heater

The Dreo wall-mounted heater is powerful beyond its size, available for $129.99 on Amazon. It offers 1500W of warmth and features a vertical oscillation fin that can be paused in three positions, pointing upward, straight out, or downward.

As cold temperatures arrive, having a reliable space heater can make a significant difference in your comfort. This wall-mounted heater is practical for spaces where floor heaters may not be ideal.

The heater has numerous impressive specs, including 120-degree vertical oscillation, smart control, PTC ceramics for instant and steady heat, and automatic LED panel light adjustment, among others. It also comes with a remote control for easy adjustments from anywhere in the room.

While the smart features were not a priority for the reviewer, the heater itself did an impressive job of keeping the basement warm during workouts. The remote control was convenient for making quick adjustments without interrupting activities. The heater effectively warmed a 900 square foot unfinished basement space.

The only downside was that the oscillating fin can only be paused in three specific locations, but overall the Dreo was described as the best space heater the reviewer had used. It is recommended for anyone looking for an alternative to traditional space heaters that are bulky and may not perform well.