Get Your Packages Delivered for Free with DoorDash: Here’s How

Online shopping is an easy way to complete your gift list during the holiday season. DoorDash’s Package Pickup service allows DoorDashers to collect and drop off packages at FedEx, UPS, or USPS locations. Users can get five free package pickups with the code GIFTBOX, or DashPass users can get unlimited pickups until Dec. 30. Select packages from the DoorDash homepage or type “package” in the search bar to schedule a pickup. The package must be sealed, pre-paid, labeled, under 30 pounds, and less than a $500 value. DoorDash also has restrictions on illegal, explosive, and counterfeit products. Users can track the package’s journey and receive a picture once it has been delivered. If the package isn’t successfully delivered, users can claim up to a $500 reimbursement. Uber also offers a similar service for returns and prepaid item pickups from the store for last-minute gifts.