Pixel 8 Parts Store: Quality Repairs at a Price

The smartphone world is always evolving, and with the release of the Google Pixel 8 Pro, it’s important to be aware of repair options for the device. Google has made authentic repair parts available through the iFixit store, with the parts available for up to seven years. However, repairing the Pixel 8 Pro doesn’t come cheap. The screen replacement, for example, costs $236.99 for the Pro version and $160 for the regular version. The cameras, especially the rear camera, are also quite expensive to replace at $199.99 for the Pro and $143 for the regular version. In fact, the cost of repairing the cameras makes up a significant percentage of the total cost of the phones, with 25% for the Pro and 35% for the regular version. Other repairs such as the rear case and battery are also available but come at a high cost. In addition to repair options, Google has released a new update for the Pixel devices, which includes bug fixes and useful improvements. Overall, it’s important for Pixel 8 Pro owners to be aware of repair options and potential costs should they need to fix their device.