Take Control of Your Facebook Link History with Meta’s New Opt-Out Feature

The new “Link History” feature that tracks and stores links users click on within the Facebook mobile app is being rolled out gradually as an added layer to Facebook’s tracking mechanisms. Meta touts this setting as a way for users to never lose a link again, but it may also improve ads across Meta technologies. The Link History setting is turned on by default, forcing users to manually navigate to the settings tab to disable it, which may lead to unknowingly consenting to this tracking. Amid privacy concerns and legislation, here’s how you can turn off Facebook Link History. Open your Facebook app on your iOS or Android device and log in. Tap on Menu to access your account menu and information found in the lower right corner. Then tap on the Settings & privacy tab and select Settings. Scroll down and tap on Browser, then disable the “Allow link history” option under Browsing data. Meta says it stores links clicked within the Facebook app for up to 30 days and they can take up to 90 days to delete your Link History if you turn off the setting.