HP Unveils Cutting-Edge AI-Powered Spectre Laptops and Matching Peripherals at CES

HP is leveraging AI technology to attract attention at CES 2024, with the brand new HP Spectre x360 14- and 16-inch laptops featuring AI tools. Described as the “world’s most adaptive laptop PCs with built-in AI technology,” the Spectre x360 laptops offer automatic performance optimization and a customizable AI assistant called Superpower. The laptops also feature a 2.8K OLED display that dims when not in use to save battery life, as well as security features such as “walk away lock” and “wake on approach.” The HP Spectre x360 14- and 16-inch laptops are available for purchase now starting at $1,500 and $1,600 respectively.

HP’s gaming division is also incorporating AI technology into its new OMEN Transcend 14 and 16 gaming laptop PCs, as well as the Victus 16.1 inch Gaming Laptop PC and the OMEN Transcend 32 Gaming Monitor. The company has also announced new HyperX headsets, keyboards, a controller, and other peripherals that will be available in the spring of 2024.

In addition to laptops and gaming devices, HP is also unveiling new peripherals at CES 2024, including the Poly Voyager Free 20 wireless earbuds, the HP 960 Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard, the HP 400 Backlit Wired Keyboard, and the HP 690 rechargeable wireless mouse.