Enhanced with AI, Salesforce’s Einstein Copilot is poised to tackle unstructured data

The Salesforce World Tour in New York introduced an enhancement to its Einstein Copilot, a conversational AI assistant integrated into all Salesforce applications. The upgraded Einstein Copilot will retrieve information from unstructured data, such as PDFs and emails. It will also feature an AI search function to provide complex prompts and suggestions by accessing real-time unstructured and structured business data. This upgrade will leverage Salesforce’s Data Cloud Vector Database, unifying all business data, enabling the application to access information from previously unattainable sources. Salesforce’s Data Cloud Vector Database and Einstein Copilot Search will be piloted in February 2024, with Einstein Copilot available at that date. Microsoft has introduced various Copilots for enterprise use, providing a preview of how Salesforce’s Copilot may operate.