Surprising Quality: This $380 HP Chromebook Rethinks the Perception of Cheap Laptops

The HP Chromebook Plus x360 is a direct upgrade to last year’s model and it now includes more powerful hardware and a bigger screen. The laptop keeps everything that made the older version great, such as the comfortable keyboard, sturdiness, and high degree of flexibility. However, it has the same problem as the older version, with a display that doesn’t get bright enough. The design of the computer is nearly identical to HP’s other x360 models, but the biggest difference is the display size, with the review unit fielding a smaller 14-inch touchscreen. The laptop also features a robust 12th Gen Intel Core i3 processor, offering solid performance. The ability to flip the display around and turn the device into a tablet is a particularly useful function, as the Plus computers are among the first Chromebooks to support Photoshop on the web. The keyboard is another key feature, with each key being made out of a soft matte material and highly responsive to the touch. The aluminum construction results in a great build quality and the laptop has a good battery life of a little over eight hours. However, a weak spot is the mediocre display of the laptop, with a low level of brightness. The webcam also doesn’t look great and there is only 256GB of storage, although you can always supplement with a Google One subscription. The model is recommended as a good all-rounder work laptop, especially if purchased on sale.