Upgrade Your Car with CarPlay or Android Auto for Just $110 with this Touchscreen Display

The 10-inch car display brings Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to your dash for $110. The integration of advanced technology into everyday life continues to accelerate, and the automotive sphere is no exception. While newer cars sport the latest features, most notably some sort of touchscreen interface, it’s now possible to bring those innovations to older models.

This 10-inch wireless touchscreen display mounts on your dashboard to bring Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and other conveniences to your fingertips or those of someone on your gift list. Right now you can get this accessory upgrade for just $110 ahead of the holidays, saving you 45%.

Setup is rather simple: use the mounting accessories and bracket to securely attach the screen to your dashboard; plug it into your car’s lighter for power; and decide whether you want to use the AUX cable to connect to your car’s existing speakers, or use those built into the display.

From there, navigate the Android operating system to access Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. That’s where you’ll find navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze, your phone’s messages and phone apps, and other compatible apps like Spotify, Podcasts, and even YouTube. Certain apps will require a Wi-Fi connection, but your phone’s hotspot will do just fine.

While using CarPlay or Android Auto, you’ll also have access to Siri or Google Assistant for a number of hands-free features like making calls, sending texts, asking it to play a song, or getting last-minute directions. The result is a safer driving experience.

Another notable capability of this touchscreen display is integration with your car’s existing rear backup camera. If your vehicle is equipped, the screen automatically switches to that camera when shifted into reverse and shows helpful parking guidelines to help you maneuver into a spot.

You don’t have to get a brand-new car to enjoy the latest features when you have this 10-inch wireless touchscreen display on your dashboard. Right now, get it for just $110.