Efficiently Accessing Your Open Workspaces Tabs in Opera

To make it easier to manage an ever-growing number of tabs in the Opera web browser, the company has introduced a feature called Tabs. With this feature, users can view all open Workspaces tabs in a separate tab, organized in an easy-to-read list of clickable links. This allows users to quickly navigate through their open tabs and find what they need more efficiently.

To enable the Tabs feature, users need to have an updated version of the Opera browser installed. Once the browser is updated, users can simply open Opera, right-click on the left sidebar, and select “Sidebar Setup.” From there, users can scroll to the Opera Tools section and click the checkbox for Tabs to add the feature to their sidebar.

Once the Tabs feature is enabled, users can click on the new icon in the sidebar to open a new tab, where they will see a list of all the tabs they have open in the current workspace. Users can then click on any entry in the listing to navigate directly to the corresponding tab.

It’s worth noting that the Tabs tab will remain open even after a tab has been selected, so users should remember to close it after finding the tab they need. Additionally, for users who have connected multiple devices to their Opera account, the Tabs tab will also display a sidebar listing all open tabs on each device, allowing them to access and open tabs from connected devices.

Overall, Opera’s Tabs feature offers a convenient way to manage and navigate through multiple open tabs, making it a valuable addition for users who frequently work with numerous tabs across different devices.