Empower In-Home Health Monitoring with Our Telehealth Device

Withings BeamO is designed as a thermometer, electrocardiogram, oximeter, and stethoscope. This single device connects with the Withings smartphone application so that reports can be developed from the data. Withings BeamO is capable of performing in-home checkups while also being able to aid doctors who are providing telehealth visits remotely. The device ensures accurate and effective data capture that is often needed before visiting a medical provider. The data can be synced with the smartphone app through Wi-Fi and incorporate results into the Withings app. The BeamO has a retail price of $250 and is scheduled to be available in June 2024, following FDA clearance of its ECG capability. Withings is also updating its app so that users can enter and track details of medications, set reminders, and share any side effects with their medical provider.