LG’s AI Extravaganza: Unveiling New Products at CES 2024

LG/ZDNET began CES 2024 with LG’s shift from a consumer electronics vendor to a “Smart Life Solution” company. CEO William Cho emphasized AI integration for appliances, mobile devices, and EV software. LG unveiled a new processor for OLED TVs and a transparent-screen OLED. The company introduced ThinQ-enabled integrations for appliances, devices, and companion applications. Subscription services for LG appliances were mentioned, but no details were given. LG devices will collect user data to refine algorithms for personalized experiences. The Smart Home AI Agent was revealed, with LG emphasizing its emergency calling capabilities. LG’s Alpha 11 processor chip for OLED TVs has four times the power of the Alpha 9, and the company is partnering with Google for Chromecast capabilities. LG introduced the modular design Signature OLED T and showcased a fancy transparent OLED TV. The company presented a hypothetical Software Defined Vehicle with personalized dashboard features. LG also announced its first production factory in Texas for EV charging stations and accessories. The presentation focused on AI and LG’s “affectionate intelligence” without diving into the specifics of how this AI would improve user experience. The new Alpha 11 OLED processor chip and the transparent screen on the Signature OLED T are the highlights from the presentation. LG’s EV charging station news is seen as a step forward for EV utilization in the US, but the decision to go all-in on AI will need to be assessed in the future.