Beating Dead Zones: Join Our Crowdsourced Network for Just $20 Per Month

A Helium Mobile hotspot device next to a countertop.

Helium Mobile

Helium Mobile is a startup looking to put control “back in the hands of customers.” The startup just announced the launch of a nationwide unlimited data, talk, and text mobile plan for $20 per month. The Helium Network is powered by T-Mobile’s 5G and Helium’s “people-powered” networks.

Helium Mobile is expanding its coverage nationwide after running a beta program and a $5 limited-availability program in South Florida since its launch over a year ago. The company remains steadfast in helping users affordably break free of centralized wireless communications with the new plan offering at just $20 monthly.

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“Traditional carriers think they have Americans over a barrel. At Helium Mobile, we believe that cell phones are an essential service and unlimited data, text and calls are table stakes,” said Amir Haleem, CEO of Helium Mobile. “We are tired of carriers that hide high subscription rates, roaming, and additional data fees behind free phone upgrades that lock you into years of expensive plans. Americans deserve better.”

But the most unique aspect of the Helium Network is that it’s largely built by the people who use it, and lets them reap rewards from their participation. Users can buy and set up hotspot devices for businesses through Helium Mobile at $249 each. Like links in a chainlink fence, these devices provide wireless network coverage to improve network connectivity in areas that need improvement.

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This service is rewarded by Helium in the form of MOBILE tokens, which can be used to pay for carrier services. The Helium Network Token (HNT) is a cryptocurrency earned by users operating hotspots for IoT devices — the tokens, like other crypto, could be traded or used as an investment. Helium extended its network to include mobile networks and created the MOBILE tokens, which are specific to Helium’s community-built 5G network.

Though Helium already offers its Mobile Hotspot meant for businesses and workplaces, it’s also announced the launch of a new outdoor Helium Mobile Hotspot for $499.