Google Unveils Major Update to Pixel Camera, with More Enhancements Teased

The Pixel 8 camera has received a significant upgrade just ahead of the Google Pixel December feature drop. One highlighted improvement is the change to the Pixel’s Night Sight. With the latest version, users can now record five minutes of 1080p timelapse Night Sight video or 20 minutes of 4K timelapse Night Sight video. This is a major upgrade from the previous limit of one second.

Additionally, the Palm Timer feature has also been enhanced to be always on, rather than just when the timer is set. Furthermore, upcoming Pixel camera upgrades have been uncovered in the code of version 9.2. These include a feature that references the Pixel Fold, and another that appears to be a combination of Top Shot and Best Take features, utilizing the Pixel camera’s newest AI capabilities.

The December Google Pixel Feature Drop is expected to bring Video Boost to the Pixel 8 Pro, further enhancing the phone’s camera capabilities. With these new and upgraded features, the Pixel 8 camera is anticipated to stay ahead as one of the best phone cameras available.