Zorin OS 17: The Unrivaled Linux Distro of the Year

The Desktop Cube has returned! Zorin OS beta 1 is now available for testing and can be downloaded from the official Zorin OS download site. The Desktop Cube takes center stage to prove this distribution can impress not only with performance and stability, but also with plenty of pizazz. Not every feature works when using the beta version as a virtual machine.

The first beta release of Zorin OS 17 looks like it’s the Linux distribution for me and it’s set to become the best desktop Linux distribution for 2023. Zorin OS already enjoys the rock-solid, user-friendly underpinnings of Ubuntu, providing a reliable foundation. The Pro edition comes with an additional four desktops (for a total of eight) to choose from, along with other additional features. The latest beta has brought back the Desktop Cube feature, a three-dimensional method of switching between workspaces, and is changing up the application switcher to the Spatial Desktop.

Other new features in Zorin OS 17 include universal search, better performance, an improved software store, advanced window tiling, a new Quick Settings menu, improved screenshot and screen recording tools, a redesigned weather app, parental controls, remote desktop sharing, refined themeing, and support until June 2027. There will also be two new desktop layouts, resembling Chrome OS and GNOME-2. Out of the box, Zorin OS 17 includes software such as Firefox, LibreOffice, Evolution, Rhythmbox, and more.

Zorin OS 17 beta 1 stands toe-to-toe with any OS on the market and is very much worthy of the title Linux desktop distribution of 2023. However, it must be released before the end of 2023.