Efficiently Monitor Battery Levels for Your MacOS Magic Keyboard and Mouse

There is a workaround to check the battery life for your Apple Magic Keyboard and/or Mouse on MacOS Sonoma. Prior to the upgrade, this option was found in System Settings > Bluetooth. However, with the upgrade to Sonoma, this option is no longer there. To access this information, open System Settings from the Apple menu or from Launchpad. From there, go to Control Center, and near the top of the window, you will see a listing for Bluetooth. By default, the associated drop-down will be set to Don’t show in Menu Bar. Change this to Show in Menu Bar. You will then see a Bluetooth icon in the Menu Bar. Clicking on this icon will reveal a drop-down with the battery percentage for your keyboard and mouse listed. If either device has a low battery, plug it in and let it charge. However, do not click on the mouse or keyboard entry as this will disable it. This is a simple and effective way to monitor the battery life of your Magic Keyboard and Mouse on MacOS Sonoma.