Apple Teases Potential Sideloading Feature in iOS 17.2, But with Restrictions

Android users have sideloaded apps for a long time. Sideloading is installing third-party applications from outside the app store, causing problems due to malicious code. Google locked the feature, but it can be enabled in Settings > Apps > Special app access > Install unknown apps. Apple plans to limit sideloading to Mobile Device Management (MDM), enabling managers to push apps to phones, a smarter route to prevent problems caused by sideloading on Android. The Managed App Distribution feature allows managers to force app installation. Although the report suggested allowing third-party app stores, it was discovered to be an MDM solution. Apple may allow sideloading applications in specific regions, but it remains to be seen. The future release of iOS 17.2 will show if Apple will loosen up iOS application distribution and installation.