Unbelievable GameStop Deal: It’s Almost Like Stealing!

GameStop is Offering Doom Eternal Deluxe Edition for Just 98 Cents

No, you’re not seeing things. And it’s definitely not a typo. GameStop really is offering Doom Eternal Deluxe Edition on PC for just 98 cents. And if you’ve been waiting for a good sale to pick up the game, this is definitely your sign.

There are a few caveats: you have to be a GameStop Pro member, and you have to choose same-day delivery. The digital code is also exclusively for the Bethesda launcher. The deluxe edition not only gets you the base game, but you’ll also get a DLC season pass, an unlockable Demon Slayer character skin, and a pack of classic weapon sound effects from the original games.

If you decide to sign up for the GameStop Pro membership to take advantage of this offer, it does come with other benefits like an extra 5 percent off pre-owned games, an extra 10 percent trade-in credit on games and consoles, access to Game Informer’s digital publication, a rewards point program, and a $5 monthly reward to use towards any purchase.

The Pro membership comes with its own cost to the tune of $25 annually. And if you’re a parent who is thinking of snagging Doom Eternal for your kid who has been begging for it since it came out, please be aware that the game is rated M for Mature. Which is the equivalent of an R rating for a film, so use your discretion when picking it up for kids and tweens.