Maximizing Efficiency: Installing DNF5 on Fedora 39 for Swift Application Installation and Management

DNF5 vastly improves the experience and performance of Fedora Linux. It replaces the aging original Linux package manager with a faster package that features a smaller install size, noticeable speed increase, and optimized download metadata. By combining DNF5 with the GNOME 45 Activities Overview search, Fedora 39 offers one of the fastest desktop operating systems. Here’s how to install DNF5 on Fedora 39.

To upgrade Fedora 39, log into your instance and open the terminal app. Upgrade Fedora with the command:

If the kernel is upgraded, reboot the machine. Then, install DNF5 with the command:

Once DNF5 is installed, reboot your machine. To use DNF5, simply use “dnf5” over “dnf.” Upgrading Fedora can be done with the command:

To install the Audacity audio recorder, use the command:

sudo dnf5 install audacity -y

To remove Audacity, use the command:

sudo dnf5 remove audacity -y

Keep in mind that once Fedora officially adopts DNF5, the command will most likely revert to “dnf,” since DNF5 will then be the default.