Google’s AI-Powered Search: Growing Features and Accessibility

In May, Google introduced its AI-driven Search Generative Experience (SGE) for its popular search engine. The SGE has been available for user testing through Search Labs, and the latest updates aim to enhance the user experience. These updates include easier follow-up question capabilities, AI-powered translation assistance, and broader availability.

Google found that people want to learn more about topics through follow-up questions, prompting the company to experiment with a new, simpler way to ask follow-up questions directly from the search results page. This feature will be released to US users in English in the coming weeks.

The use of generative AI will also improve the translation process by addressing word ambiguity. If a word has multiple meanings, it will be underlined, allowing users to tap on the word and choose their intended meaning. This feature will soon be available for English-to-Spanish translations in the US, with additional languages and countries to follow.

SGE will also be introduced in four new languages—Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Indonesian—and will be available in over 120 new countries and territories. Additionally, SGE will offer interactive definitions for coding and health information, allowing users to hover over highlighted words for detailed definitions.

These updates will be rolled out in the next month for US English users, with more countries and languages being added soon.