Unveiling Auracast: The Game-Changing Potential of Bluetooth Technology

When Bluetooth became known, there was confusion about what it was, how it worked, and why people needed it. Now, it’s on nearly every device. We’re at the same point with Bluetooth’s new technology, Auracast, which has the potential to upgrade your listening experiences. At CES, I demoed Auracast hands-on and want to share those insights with you.

Auracast, announced in 2022, allows audio transmitters like smartphones, laptops, and TVs to connect to an unlimited number of receivers such as earbuds, speakers, and more. In the demo, I was given Auracast-compatible earbuds and a phone with the Auracast app. I was able to walk through different real-world scenarios where the technology would be useful.

For example, in a bar with two muted TVs playing different sports, I used Auracast to select the TV I wanted to listen to and hear the audio in my headphones. In an airport, Auracast lets you tune into relevant announcements. And in an auditorium or conference room, you can hear the broadcast on your headphones with minimal latency via the Auracast app.

Auracast could be impactful for the hard-of-hearing community, allowing them to sync their hearing devices to Auracast. It can also be used for sharing music with friends. Devices must be Auracast-compatible. At CES this year, many headphones and speakers launched with Auracast technology. There are also ways to make non-compatible devices Auracast-compatible.

Auracast can solve real-world problems and potentially benefit everyone. After seeing its applications, I wondered why this solution hadn’t been created before.