Unveiling the Exclusive Sony XR Headset Demo: My Insights from CES 2024

I demoed the Sony XR headset and its wearable controllers at CES 2024. The private demo was a surprise in a not-so-flashy part of the convention center. The Sony headset uses Qualcomm’s new XR2+ Gen 2 chip, featuring an 8K display with 4K OLED micro displays for each eye. It also includes a ring and a pointer as wearable controllers, allowing for precise selection and manipulation of 3D objects in virtual spaces. The headset is primarily focused on accelerating product development and empowering content creators. It will be sold as part of a product package with Siemens NX Immersive Designer. Sony also plans to partner with other companies to sell the headset in specific industries. The headset doesn’t have an official name yet, and it’s part of Sony’s plan to use the headset as a spatial content creation platform for the entertainment industry. The wearable controllers, the ring and pointer, have precise pointing accuracy and intuitive buttons for selection. The headset has its own processor and runs on Android but also requires a USB-C connection to a laptop to power the Siemens NX Immersive Designer software. Although this was a brief demo, the user experience was impressive, and it could offer insights for other major players in the industry.