Unbeatable Black Friday Deals on the Best-Sounding Headphones I’ve Ever Tried

The Sennheiser Momentum 4 headphones are on sale this Black Friday at retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Sennheiser, with some colorways having deeper discounts than others. We love the Momentum 4 for their sound quality and marathon battery. The Momentum 4 deliver 60 hours of audio playback, giving you more battery life than what other headphones in the same price range can offer. More importantly, if you’ve been eyeing the Momentum 4, you’ll be happy to know they’re still on sale at Amazon even after the latest Prime sale event. Sennheiser is known for its high-quality, professional-level audio products, such as microphones, headphones, and speakers. Although the Momentum 4 headphones are a consumer tech product, their performance and quality exude a professional aura. I’ll jump straight into the audio performance, as that may be your top priority if you’re shopping in this $300 to $500 price range. The Momentum 4 headphones offer detailed highs, clear and balanced mids, and bass-boosted, skull-rocking lows — and there’s plenty of flexibility across the frequency range. In Sennheiser’s companion app, Sennheiser Smart Control, you have complete control over the Momentum 4’s audio output. You can control the sound by the hertz, from bass levels to mids to treble. The Momentum 4 headphones’ EQ settings are so intricate that you can tweak finer aspects of a song, including the presence of background vocals, the volume of cymbals and other instruments, and the intensity of bass and low-frequency sounds. When I listened to Face to Face by Daft Punk, the bassline was clear and present enough to keep me in the groove, while the midrange sounds, like guitar riffs and synth notes, were full of energy and brightness without tiring my eardrums. Long-term wear was no problem for me either, as the Momentum 4 are light, and the ear cups and headband are made of a soft leatherette material. Aside from the great sound, the Momentum 4 come with a well-constructed carrying case along with a USB-A to USB-C charger, an airport-charging adapter, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. These headphones don’t fold at the hinges but, instead, rotate at the ear cup for fit adjustment. Wear-detection and tap-and-swipe-based controls are two other luxury features embedded into the Momentum 4 software, making them a highly functional pair of headphones that are equipped with almost every feature possible. It’s easy to put the Sennheiser Momentum 4 headphones on and get lost in the instrumentals and adlibs of your favorite songs. These are easily some of the best-sounding consumer headphones I’ve listened to, even if the noise cancellation falls short. If you have a trained ear and are looking for expensive-looking and great-sounding headphones that can keep up with your ritzy audio demands, these are the ones for you. If you’re more interested in headphones that cancel out all the sounds around you and you aren’t too concerned with the small details in audio, you should look at ZDNET’s other tested recommendations.