Firefox Mobile’s Time-Saving Feature: Automatically Saving Your Old Tabs

If your default Android or iOS browser is Firefox (and it should be, given that it’s much more secure than Chrome), you might have experienced a bit of odd behavior with your tabs. Open Firefox, then go to your tabs page (done by tapping the small rectangle to the right of the address bar). You might find some tabs missing. You know you never closed them and maybe one or two were important. If you didn’t save the URL, you might spend time guessing where the page was. Fortunately, there’s a feature — called Inactive Tabs — that most likely has retained that must-have tab. Inactive Tabs hide any tab that hasn’t been active for 14 days, keeping your Tabs page less cluttered. Firefox doesn’t close the tab, it just decides to tuck it away. If you prefer a cleaner UI, this feature is desirable, especially for those who tend to forget open tabs. The feature was introduced in 2021 and should be available on your mobile browser. Update Firefox for the latest bug/security patches and features. Open Firefox on your mobile device and tap the Tabs icon to view both active and inactive tabs. At the top of that page, you’ll see the Inactive Tabs drop-down. Tap the drop-down to access currently inactive tabs. You can open, delete specific, or delete all inactive tabs from the listing. To disable the feature, tap Tab Settings at the top of the Tabs page, tap the On/Off slider next to Move old tabs to inactive until it’s in the Off position. If you’d rather see all open tabs, disable the feature.