Visiting Microsoft: A Startling yet Hopeful Discussion on AI

Earlier this year, Microsoft invited me to its Silicon Valley campus to contemplate AI, the generative kind. So there I was in this enormous, airy building of the future, with hardly a human being in sight. Also: The future of generative AI: Here’s what technology analysts are saying Little did I know. At one news service, they’ve experimented with an AI version of one of its sports editors. The idea is to put some text into this AI-generated expert and let it/them speak. The year was all about generative AI. I met many people in college who’d read a lot of books. Everywhere I went I seemed to but to witness capitulism live on stage was a touch startling, and the feeling hasn’t quite gone away. …Maybe you should just believe in yourself more, What can it do without our input? (Please don’t answer that right now.)