The Future of AI: Anticipating the Next Decade and Beyond

This caption explains that the image is from Artur Debat/Getty Images. The article outlines findings from a survey of over 2,000 AI experts that predict artificial intelligence will be capable of automating all human tasks by the year 2116. This timeline has been moved up from a previous estimate of 2164, and developments emerging within the next five to 10 years are expected to shift the landscape for IT and business professionals’ jobs. The survey indicates that within the next decade, AI will be able to perform tasks such as finding and patching security flaws, building payment processing websites, offering phone banking services, writing readable Python code, finetuning large language models, as well as conducting machine language studies and writing papers. The drop in computing costs is expected to greatly impact AI development, with predictions that unaided machines will outperform humans in every task by 2047. Additionally, the study’s authors predict that all human occupations could become fully automatable by 2116.