The Future of Transportation: AI-Powered Connected Cars to Dominate 95% of the Roads by 2030

A survey of more than 2,000 car owners and lessors in the United States revealed that only a few drivers understand what a ‘connected car’ is and what data is actually being collected, according to the Salesforce research. This gap might be surprising to some, but it is also an opportunity for automakers to articulate the connected car experience and their data use policies, particularly in an age of artificial intelligence. Connected cars are forecast to make up 95% of all vehicles on the road by 2030, with each one generating an estimated 25 gigabytes of data per hour, which is the same amount of data as it would take someone to stream 578 hours of music. The research also highlights some other important findings: drivers do not fully understand the benefits of the connected car, greater awareness on the benefits of the connected car is needed, premium services can attract vehicle purchases, vehicle owners are willing to share personal data, drivers report being willing to trade personal data for valuable benefits, drivers are open to sharing vehicle usage data, but less willing on invasive data, the future of the automotive industry will be largely driven by innovation in the connected car space. Qualcomm is collaborating with industry leaders to deliver a comprehensive platform for bringing connected services to vehicles throughout their 20-year lifespan. Qualcomm is able to deliver top-notch customer experiences, with personalized in-vehicle services. Access to user data that is stored securely on the vehicle is instrumental to providing experiences that are tailored and timely, including real-time alerts, user-specific offers, proactive maintenance, and on-demand feature upgrades. Qualcomm is collaborating with Salesforce to connect its Snapdragon Digital Chassis solutions with the Salesforce Automotive Cloud. This linkup gives automakers a holistic, real-time view of driver and vehicle data, so they can offer personalized experiences in car, online, and at the dealership. Go here to learn more about the connected car and data exchange research findings.