The Must-Have $280 Smart Projector for a Festive Holiday Season

The Emotn N1 Smart Projector is available on Amazon for $280 at the time of writing. It retails for $399. Easy setup and spot-on video make this a must-have for anyone needing to project video to a large screen. You’ll need to be patient during the initial setup process. Auto-keystone and auto-focus features work well, but only if the projector is at a set distance. When I think of projectors, I get images of elementary school children staring blankly at a screen or a group of business team members looking on as a meeting drones on. Up until now, I never would have thought a projector could so easily spread Netflix films or TV on a wall or a screen with ease, but that’s exactly what the Emotn N1 does — and it does this task with a simplicity that truly surprised me.Also: The best cheap projectors you can buy right nowWhen I received the Emotn N1 for review, I was surprised at how it was so easy to use and provided great results. The setup was a breeze and the video quality was impressive. Despite some issues with the auto-keystone feature, I found manual mode easy to use. With so many great features, the Emotn N1 Smart Projector is worth every penny. However, you may need to adjust the focus and keystone manually, but with the user-friendly menu system, that shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. And if Netflix, Amazon Prime, or YouTube are your go-to sources for movies and television, this little projector is worth every penny.