Tech Executives Express Concerns about Organizational Readiness for AI and Advanced Initiatives

Despite years of initiatives and campaigns focused on aligning IT with business needs, the impact of such efforts remains uncertain. A recent survey of 1,217 senior business leaders, including 300 IT leaders, suggests that 81% believe IT has been successful in supporting business needs at the required speed. This sentiment is mirrored by the 81% of executives who believe well-executed IT processes will facilitate the implementation of AI initiatives.

However, concerns have been raised regarding outdated or inefficient processes that could hinder the adoption of next-generation technologies like AI. The survey shows that 55% of IT processes are running optimally, leaving close to half of the processes in a suboptimal state. This challenge is further compounded by an overwhelming consensus (78%) among IT leaders that a lack of visibility hinders process optimization.

Despite these obstacles, the survey indicates that optimal IT processes could lead to revenue growth, cost reduction, and greater flexibility for businesses. It is clear that there is still work to be done in improving IT processes to fully realize the potential benefits of digital transformation and emerging technologies.