The Most Seamless Smart Lock: My Top Pick After Testing Dozens

The Schlage Encode smart Wi-Fi lever is an innovative smart door handle that operates without a deadbolt. It is designed to replace almost any door handle in households and businesses. However, it is not compatible with Apple HomeKit, and the Schlage app could use some improvement.

For those looking to upgrade their traditional door handle to a more smart and reliable option, the Schlage Encode Wi-Fi lever smart lock is a worthy consideration. Its easy installation and remote access via the Schlage app make it a convenient choice. Additionally, users can add up to 100 access codes for visitors and family members.

Despite its classic design and compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, the Schlage app appears outdated and slow in performance. One notable drawback is the lack of auto-unlock and door sensing capabilities, which are offered by other smart locks. However, the lock’s ability to be monitored from anywhere using the app is advantageous.

Overall, the Schlage Encode Wi-Fi lever smart lock is a good fit for those looking to replace a traditional door handle with a smart and reliable option. Its price may seem high, but its reputation and high ratings justify its cost. However, potential buyers should be aware of its incompatibility with HomeKit.