Amazon’s Echo Show 8 Nears Ubiquity in Homes Thanks to Widespread Popularity

Maria Diaz/ZDNET reviewed Amazon’s latest smart display, the Echo Show 8 (2023). The new model features a sleeker design, faster processor, improved smart home, and spatial audio. The device utilizes recyclable materials in its packaging, with over 99% of wood-fiber materials from responsibly managed forests or recycled sources. Amazon has adjusted the backside design, incorporating a centered camera and speaker that stands out from previous models. The device also introduces Visual ID and Adaptive Content, providing personalized and simplified content when users approach. The Echo Show 8 (2023) acts as a smart home hub, supporting Zigbee, Thread, and Matter and allows for local processing of smart home requests. The review notes its faster response times and touch functionality, making it a compelling choice for Alexa fans and smart home enthusiasts.