Streamline Your Workspace with This $25 Magnetic Charging Cable Set

These magnetic-tipped cables could be the last charging cables you ever buy. ZDNET’s key takeaways These magnetic-tipped cables are available for purchase on Amazon for $25 (or $23 with Amazon’s coupon). Magnetic tips make it easy to charge anything with USB-C, Micro USB, or Lightning connectors. The braided cable is strong and flexible, and the magnetic heads bend so you never have to worry about stressing the connections. However they aren’t always recognized as fast-charging cables. A month ago, had you looked into the drawer that housed my cables, you would have stepped back in fright at the tangled mess within. There were hundreds of cables, which only served to make it harder to find what I was looking for at any given moment. Eventually, I’d had enough and decided to take care of the situation. But which cables would be best to keep? I knew I needed USB-A/B/C but also could use a Lightning cable for my iMac mouse and keyboard. Instead of continuing with that conundrum, I opted to go a completely different route and I’m glad I did. The route in question is the 540° Rotation Magnetic Charging Cable 3-in-1 Magnetic Phone Charger from Amazon. This comes with 4 cables (3ft/3ft/6ft/10ft) and several magnetic tips (four each of USB-A, USB-C, and Lightning). The magnets on the tips and cables are quite strong (so much so it was challenging to take photos without them snapping together). These cables are reliable, versatile, and can charge just about anything you need. Although the description of the cables says they’re fast charging, they aren’t recognized as such for all devices. So, if you need fast charging, it would be best to save cables for that purpose. Even with that one issue, these cables have become a welcome replacement to the myriad cables I once had. Specs There isn’t much in the way of specs for these cables, but for those who like to know what they’re getting into, here they are: Magnetic charger 7-pin connection design supports quick charge with a maximum output current of 3A and provides 5V/2.4A. Data syncing speed up to 480Mbps. Charging cable allows the magnet tip to rotate 360 degrees and the charging head to bend 180 degrees. Equipped with 3 different types of magnetic tips for Micro USB, Type C, and iProduct Cable lengths – 2 X 3FT, 1 X 6FT, and 1 X 10FT. Choose between four colors: Black, Red, Gray, or Purple. My experience One of the reasons I like these cables is that I can insert a tip into a device and leave it there. All I then have to do is plug the charging cable in and snap the magnet to the tip. That way, my devices always have the right tip already, so there’s no need for me to fish through the bag and pull a tip from the magnetically connected tips. Not only is this convenient, but it also helps prevent dust and other debris from getting inside charging ports. The only device I do not leave a charging tip in is my Pixel 8 Pro, but that is only because I charge it wirelessly. As far as the cables are concerned, they are braided, so I find them more reliable and stronger than traditional cables. And having a 10′ charging cable is a real bonus, as I don’t have to worry about leaving a device on the floor next to an outlet. Because of their braided nature, they are also less likely to tangle. I can coil the cables up with ease and they always retain that shape (unlike traditional cables which inevitably turn into a blob…even after being coiled). The only caveat (as I mentioned earlier) is that some devices don’t recognize the cables for quick charging. That’s fine by me because I am rarely in a situation where I need something charged quickly. Even so, the cables have worked for every device I’ve plugged into them, so these are a big win for me. ZDNET buying advice If you’re tired of a drawer (or box) full of cables and the standard cable (and length) has become a point of frustration, spend the $25 ($23 with Amazon’s current coupon) for this set of magnetic cables and do away with that tangled mess. These very well could be the last charging cables you ever need. Just remember to store the magnetic tips in a way that you don’t lose them.