Mastering Touch Controls: Personalizing Your Pixel Buds Pro Experience

The modern earbuds include touch controls documented with imagery. The user could customize Pixel Buds Pro earbuds to interact more efficiently and effectively as per their needs. However, the customization doesn’t allow for full control over certain gestures/touches, like raise/lower volume, play/pause or answer calls, and next track. The user is able to customize touch and hold gestures for important features like Active Noise Canceling and the Assistant. The earbuds also work with the “Hey Google” phrase and by switching touch and hold to ANC, one can still interact with the Assistant by saying the magic phrase. To customize Pixel Buds Pro earbuds, you’ll need a Pixel phone and Pixel Buds app installed. After connecting earbuds to the phone, you must pull down the Pixel’s Notification Shade twice and then tap the gear icon to open the Settings app. Asset the proper configuration of touch and hold actions to fit your needs and enjoy the improvements to Pixel Buds Pro earbuds interaction.