Light Dimming and Smartwatch Control with a Simple Wrist Flick: A Unique App Experience

In 2024, hands-free apps are out and hand-controlled apps are in. Thanks to Doublepoint Technologies’ Wow Mouse app, the gesture-detection-powered app for Android smartwatches, this trend has emerged. The Wow Mouse app, announced at CES 2024, is an extension to the Android smartwatch that enables control of Bluetooth-connected devices without physical interaction. The app is available for free on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded onto WearOS smartwatches for controlling Bluetooth devices such as headsets, smart lights, phones, tablets, computers, and more.

Doublepoint also introduced its latest core software called Human Interface Device support at CES 2024, which introduces a new wrist movement for wrist-based device control. With the app’s “instant” Bluetooth connectivity and seamless integration, Wow Mouse aims to expand the range of electronics that can be controlled through the app. The company hopes to achieve widespread integration of the app by partnering with Qualcomm to include it in their smartwatches.

According to Doublepoint CEO Ohto Pentikäinen, the app represents a leap forward in human-computer interaction, delivering a natural and powerful user experience for smartwatches and beyond. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store to experience the new level of control it offers.