Eufy Unveils X10 Pro Omni: The Latest Robot Vacuum and Mop at CES 2024

Eufy presented the X10 Pro Omni at CES 2024, a two-in-one robot vacuum and mop with dual oscillating mop heads, 8000Pa suction, and a hands-free docking station. The starting price of $799.99 is much lower than similar machines, making high-end cleaning more accessible to households. The X10 Pro Omni uses AI See to detect over 100 household obstacles, allowing it to clean without the need for a spotless home. Additionally, Eufy’s iPath Laser Navigation strategically maps the home for efficient cleaning. This robot is designed to handle pet hair, dirt, debris, and food particles with its powerful 8000Pa suction. It also features dual oscillating mop heads and an edge-hugging feature for thorough mopping. The Omni Station automatically empties the dust bin, cleans and dries the mop head, and can hold clean water for up to seven days. The X10 Pro Omni will be available for purchase on February 20, 2024, for $799.99, offering high-end cleaning technology at a competitive price.