Google Introduces ‘Private Spaces’ Feature for Android for Enhanced Privacy Protection

While the idea of keeping certain apps, data, and photos private on our phones is not new, there has not been an all-in-one solution for keeping everything safe. Currently, there are a few apps that enable users to secure photos privately, individual apps can be hidden, Google Files has a “Safe folder,” and Google Photos can create locked folders that are only accessible via the phone’s default screen lock security and are not backed up to the cloud. However, Google is reportedly developing a way to do all of this within Android itself.

In a preview of Android 14, Mishaal Rahman discovered a new settings page called “Private Space.” This page includes options such as “Unlock using screen lock,” “Show private space,” “Create private space,” and “Delete private space.” Tapping the “Create private space” option actually creates a new user profile within the Android system. Since this is still a development build, there is a high likelihood that more features will be added over time. Although there is no indication of when this feature might be fully released, its visibility in development modes suggests that it is well underway.