Get the Best Black Friday Deal on this Smart Lock – Don’t Miss Out on Security!

The Schlage Encode smart Wi-Fi lever is on sale for Black Friday for $249. Alternatively, if you purchase a Schlage Encode smart Wi-Fi deadbolt, you can receive a free Schlage F10 Knob or Lever on Amazon.

Schlage Encode smart Wi-Fi lever is recommended by ZDNet as it is a smart door handle available for $249 on Black Friday. It can replace almost any door handle in homes and businesses, although it is not compatible with Apple HomeKit, and there is room for improvement in the Schlage app.

The Schlage Encode Wi-Fi lever lock is a convenient smart lock option that fits any door without a deadbolt. It is easy to install and works with Wi-Fi, allowing remote access via the Schlage app. Up to 100 access codes for visitors and family members can be added to the lock.

Although the Schlage Encode lever has a classic design, the Schlage app looks outdated and is slow to perform actions or update status. However, it can be monitored anytime from anywhere using the app.

The Schlage Encode lever works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant but lacks features like door sensing and auto unlock. It also does not have the ability to tell if the door is closed, and it does not automatically unlock when you arrive.

Overall, the Schlage Encode Wi-Fi lever smart lock is a good fit for doors without a deadbolt and can be unlocked via a passcode, the Schlage app, or a physical key. However, it is not compatible with HomeKit and is typically priced higher than other smart locks due to the reputation of the Schlage brand.