Instagram Reels Embracing TikTok Features in Upcoming Update

Instagram has introduced new features for creating and sharing Reels. The platform now allows users to share Reels with their “Close Friends” list instead of all of their followers. Additionally, Instagram has added new editing features to make the Reels interface more similar to that found on TikTok. These features include options to scale, crop, rotate clips, and undo and redo edits. Instagram is also adding 10 English text-to-speech voices and six options to choose from for text, as well as outlines to make the text stand out. The platform is also testing new ways to access the audio browser, adding changes to Reels’ drafts, and introducing new ways to create custom stickers using your own photos and videos. Instagram is also improving insights with a new metric called Replays under the Plays metric and will soon roll out the ability to see how many people are watching a Reel moment-by-moment.