Get Serious About Fitness with this $200 off Garmin Sports Watch

Amazon is currently selling the Garmin Epix Pro for $799, a $200 discount that puts the more recent Garmin wearable at an all-time low in price. Smartwatches have long-enjoyed AMOLED displays — and now sports watches are getting in on the action, too. Arguably the company’s most refined sports watch yet, with advanced training features and notably accurate performance tracking. While the brilliant AMOLED display is certainly one of the key features of the Garmin Epix Pro, the company also significantly expanded the options and additional features in this year’s model. The 2022 Epix (2nd Gen) was available in a single 47mm size (Standard and Sapphire), and this year’s model is available in larger (51mm) and smaller (42mm) sizes, along with Standard and Sapphire glass options, so the model will appeal to a broader range of active users. Prices range from $899.99 to $1,099.99.
Another key feature included on the Epix Pro watch, which I have used daily on the Enduro 2, is the integrated LED flashlight. The red color LED flashlight is perfect for helping you maintain your vision in the dark. With the Epix Pro, there’s also a red shift mode, which changes the brilliant display colors into shades of red, so your watch face doesn’t interrupt your sleep or ability to see in low-light conditions.
One of the major benefits of an AMOLED display — beyond the brightness and rich colors — is the ability for detailed maps to provide more useful information. Weather map overlays help you view upcoming conditions, and relief shading on topographic maps provides quick information on the terrain you’re covering. The typical Garmin five-button navigation system, along with a touchscreen, is present for maneuvering through the vast number of options, settings, and features of the watch. I’ve been testing the mid-size 47mm model with a sapphire glass display. When Garmin releases new watches, we often see some new features released — and that’s the case this time as well. Since I live on a hill, and every single one of my running sessions includes a hill, I’m excited about a metric focused on tracking my uphill running performance. Hill scores range from 0-100, with higher scores helping you advance from recreational to elite level. Hills with a grade of more than 2% are automatically detected and analyzed.
Results from the Garmin Epix Pro were near perfect with accurate GPS tracking, near flawless heart-rate tracking, more health and fitness metrics than you could ever practically use, a powerful and elegant smartphone application, and a vast ecosystem to help you train and improve your performance and lifestyle.