Samsung Reboots VR Headset Plans with Vision Pro LED, Aims for End of 2024 Launch: Report

The partnership announced in February 2023 between Qualcomm, Samsung, and Google to build an XR headset has hit a snag and the launch has been delayed, according to Upload VR and The JoonAng. Samsung has reportedly commissioned higher resolution screens to match the 4K displays used by Apple, and this has resulted in the delay. The production target for the Samsung headset for 2024 is 30,000 units. The joint venture XR is being designed by Samsung, while Google is working on the mixed reality version of Android and Qualcomm is supplying the chip technology. The information suggests that Samsung, Google, and Qualcomm decided to restart the project after Apple’s high-end announcement. The rebooting of plans is similar to the birth of Android when Google caught sight of the iPhone announcement and made changes. The rebooting of plans indicates a positive move and anticipates a much more compelling product for debut in 2024.