Free AI Fundamentals Training from IBM: 10-Hour Crash Course

There was a time when IBM Watson was the leading AI solution before ChatGPT. IBM’s AI solution, Watsonx, focuses on traditional machine learning and generative AI tailored to business needs. IBM offers an AI Fundamentals program on its SkillsBuild learning portal that takes about ten hours to complete across six courses.

The program covers AI history, predictions, language and image understanding, ethics, job landscape, and learning models. The experience of taking the course is interesting and engaging, with quizzes throughout. The vendor-agnostic courses provide a comprehensive understanding of AI. A certificate is awarded upon completion, and there is also a free Fundamentals of Sustainability and Technology course available on SkillBuild.

For those interested in exploring AI, with the intent of building a career in the field, IBM’s program is worth considering. Additional resources about free AI courses from Amazon, OpenAI, and DeepLearning are available. The IBM AI learning journey will continue in 2024, with more resources expected to be provided. Follow David Gewirtz for project updates on social media, and sign up for the weekly update newsletter on Substack.