Microsoft’s Major Overhaul of Windows Keyboards Marks a Decades-Long Shift

In 2023, Microsoft made significant strides in the AI space with the introduction of Copilot, an AI chatbot assistant powered by GPT. As the new year begins, Microsoft is focusing on its vision of an AI PC and has announced a major change to Windows keyboards.

The company revealed the addition of the Copilot key to Windows 11 PCs, marking the first significant change to the Windows PC keyboard in nearly thirty years. According to Microsoft, the Copilot key will serve as the entry point into the world of AI on the PC, making it easier for users to implement Copilot in their daily workflows.

The Copilot in Windows will allow users to perform various tasks on their PCs, such as adjusting settings, organizing windows, summarizing text, generating images, and more, all from a single prompt. This is just the beginning of what Microsoft is calling “the year of the AI PC.”

Microsoft’s CVP & Consumer CMO, Yusuf Mehdi, stated that the company is ushering in a significant shift towards a more personal and intelligent computing future where AI will be seamlessly integrated into Windows from the system to the silicon, and the hardware. The Copilot key is expected to appear on many new Windows 11 PCs from Microsoft’s ecosystem partners and its upcoming Surface devices.