Unbeatable Tech Deal: Meta Quest 2 for $200 is the Ultimate Pick of the 2023 Holiday Season

Expect virtual reality and augmented reality to be among the hottest topics in tech in 2024 with of the launch of Apple Vision Pro. VR and AR are making big leaps forward. The best VR headset you can buy for the money right now is the Meta Quest 2, which normally retails for $300 — compared to $500 for the new Meta Quest 3. But, you can get a Quest 2 for $200 in a terrific sale that makes it my top pick for the best holiday deal of 2023. The Quest 2 is a great way to get started with VR and there are a lot of great VR experiences — far beyond just gaming — now available among the apps in the Quest ecosystem. And we can expect that a lot more are on the way as part of the next wave in VR.

Amazon and Meta are running aggressive deals on the Meta Quest 2 for $250 with either a $50 credit or a $60 accessory included — so around a $200 net price. In Amazon’s case, you get a $50 Amazon digital credit (using the promo code META50), while Meta gives you a free Elite Strap (worth $60).

Here are quick links to both deals:

I’d recommend going for the Amazon deal (unless you were already planning to get the official Elite Strap) because you have a lot more options to choose from to spend that $50 Amazon credit.

The Quest 2 has no cords attached, it’s compact, the software is easy to navigate, and the headset and controllers are comfortable to use. I recently wrote about the Supernatural app as a killer app for fitness on the Meta Quest, and it works on the Quest 2 as well as it does on the Quest 3.

This all-time-low price has already come and gone from Amazon and Meta once during the holiday shopping season. So, if you’re interested, jump on this deal before it’s gone.

If you do decide to get the Quest 2 then I’d recommend also picking up the Anker Charging Dock for Quest 2 because it’s discounted for the holidays at Best Buy and it will make your life easier when charging and storing the Quest 2. It retails for $99 and the average street price is typically $79, but Best Buy’s current deal for $59 is a winner.