Embracing Opera’s Aria AI: Saying goodbye to Google Search

Opera has been my go-to browser for years, thanks to its recently added artificial intelligence feature, Aria. Aria has become invaluable to me in numerous ways, particularly when it comes to conducting internet searches. When I search on google.com, I often anticipate outdated content, excessive ads, paywalls, and the need for subscriptions. Aria has alleviated these concerns, providing me with more efficient and effective search results. In fact, I now use Aria in place of Google searches. Despite my reliance on Aria, I do not use AI as a writing tool, as my “writer’s voice” is a defining aspect of my work. I seek out personally created content with heart, depth, and experience, rather than material generated by algorithms. However, for research purposes, Aria serves as an invaluable asset. I truly believe that Aria outperforms Google in delivering the information required for my queries, without the added concerns associated with traditional search engines. I encourage others to try out Opera’s Aria, as it has dramatically improved my search experiences.